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    Kika Keyboard Becomes the 1st Keyboard with Native Support for Unicode 8 Emojis


    SAN FRANCISCODec. 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Kika Tech, the company behind Kika Keyboard, has released an update for its keyboard apps with native support for Unicode 8 Emojis. Kika Tech’s core products Kika Keyboard and Emoji Keyboard Pro havebecome the first Android keyboards to incorporate Unicode 8 Emojis, natively. 

    On October 21st, Apple released 150 new emoji characters with full support for Unicode 8.0 emojis, including the most discussed taco, unicorn, and middle finger. Android users, however, are not capable of reviewing or sending those new emojis. On December 2ndGoogle’s SVP Android Hiroshi Lockheimer tweeted, “New emoji coming to #Nexus next week. que Fonts and tech details shared with OEMs to include in their updates too.”

    Kika Tech is the first keyboard app developer to implement Unicode 8 Emojis as soon as Google distributed tech details. Before this implementation, Kika Tech launched Emoji Plus, the first application that enables users to receive and send the latest Unicode 8 emojis on Samsung devices.

    “As an important member in the Android community, Kika is always committed to helping people freely express their ideas with multi-media contents like emojis. We sincerely hope that Android users can enjoy the latest emojis,” Kika Tech’s CEO Bill Hu commented.“We are proud to be the first keyboard wholesale nfl jerseys app developer to implement new emojis.”

    ThUnicode 8 Emojis are currently only wholesale mlb jerseys available on Android 6.0.1. Download Kika Keyboard and Emoji Keyboard Pro today to enjoy the latest emojis just like Apple users do.

    About Kika Tech

    Kika’s mission is to provide users with a seamless mobile experience that allows them to freely express their ideas. More than just emoji and GIF sharing, Kika’s keyboard apps provide our users with super fast typing & swiping, natural language prediction, theme & layout customization, and an open plugin platform capable of making any task more convenient. We truly believe there is a Kika for every idea!

    Quick Facts

    • #1 Keyboard on the U.S. Google Play Store 
    • 100 Million Downloads 
    • +300,000 New Downloads Every Day 
    • Over 20 Million Daily Active Users 
    • Product Family – Kika Keyboard, Emoji Keyboard Pro, & Emoji Plus 

    Partner with Kika

    Kika is always looking for new partners to build a better community together. Whether you are looking to cheap nfl jerseys provide your users with a Keyboard more convenient experience, grow your brand awareness, or just 9.5 be apart of our global network, Kika would love Android to cheap mlb jerseys hear from you! Contact us at partnerships@kika.tech and let’s see what ideas we can LG share with the world.

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    22nd Dec 2015